Receptor optic Teleste CXE851

Monitorizare și control de la distanță

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Receptor optic Teleste CXE851 cu control și monitorizare de la distanță prin interfața ethernet.

  • 1 GHz, higher output level
  • OLC
  • Adjustments without signal interruptions
  • Low noise current density
  • GaAs MESFET output amplifier
  • Excellent surge and ESD protection


  • Led indicators for optical level, RF level and device status
  • SNMP monitoring and configuration via standard Ethernet interface
  • Web browser user interface for adjustment and software download
  • DHCP client for automatic IP address assignment, with AutoIP
  • Optical input power measurement with alarms
  • RF output power measurement with alarms
  • Internal temperature measurement with alarms
  • Local power supply monitoring with alarms
  • Monitoring of OLC, gain and slope settings with override possibility
  • Uptime, total uptime and reset counters for power outage statistics
  • Automatic alignment based on transmitter OMI and target output level
  • External Ethernet switch monitoring & control possibility
Signal path
Light wavelength  1290…1600 nm 
Optical input power range  -7…+1 dBm 
Frequency range  47…1006 MHz 
Return loss  18 dB 
OLC limited output level  115 dBμV 
Gain limited output level (without OLC)  120 dBμV 
Level adjustment 0…-15 dB 
Mid-stage slope  0 / 10 dB 
Flatness  ±0.5 dB 
Test point  -20 dB 
Noise current density  6 pA / √ Hz 
CTB 42 channels  113.5 dBμV 
CSO 42 channels  115.0 dBμV 
XMOD 42 channels  110.0 dBuV 


Connection  10/100Base-T Auto-MDI/MDI-X 
Supported protocol  SNMPv1, traps: SNMPv2 
Supported MIBs  MIB-2: System 


Power consumption  15 W 
Supply voltage  165…255 VAC 
Connectors, RF  F female 
Optics  SC/APC 
Ethernet  RJ-45 
Dimensions (w x h x d) 182 (210) x 140 (148) x 84 mm 
Weight  1.6 kg 
Enclosure classification  IP31 
Operating temperature range  -40...+55 °C 
EMC compatibility  EN 50083-2 (IEC 60728-2)
Safety  EN 60728-11 
ESD  2 kV 
Surge  4 kV 

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