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Modul EPG Teleste Luminato

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Modul EPG Teleste
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Modulul de procesare EPG Teleste, prin instalarea in sasiul Luminato, permite culegerea flexibila a informatiilor EIT din diferite surse, stocarea datelor EPG in spatiul de memorie intern, configurarea versatila a stream-ului EIT si multiplexarea acestuia in stream-urile de iesire.

Small in size, big in performance

Teleste Luminato EPG module is fully compatible with the high-performance Luminato chassis, where it can be fitted freely to any of the six module slots. In accordance with the Luminato system architecture, the EIT data processing is performed on the EPG processor module, which enables low-cost applications even with partially equipped chassis.

Ease of use

The EPG module management is fully integrated into Luminato management user interface which enables simple and easy configuration even with the advanced settings. User defined output profiles allow different types of EIT output streams to be configured and used in a flexible way.

Rich and full-featured service

The EPG module creates full EPG information including present/following and schedule for actual and other transport streams. It allows controlling the play out rate and schedule and defining languages in priority order for EPG stream. User defined profiles enable flexible creation and usage of outgoing EIT streams thus giving efficient and optimized bandwidth usage.

Support for variety of EPG data sources

Any Luminato receiver module can provide EIT information to EPG processor module. In addition, the EPG module is capable to receive EPG data over IP connections either from the operators’ internal network or over Internet. Sources for the EPG data can be any hosted Internet based EPG data service or for example Teleste Broadcast Manager. Also file based information (XMLTV) can be processed and played out by the EPG module.

  • Compact architecture compatible with Luminato chassis
  • Single EPG module can serve EPG data to all multiplexes of a headend
  • Full-featured EPG functionality (present/following and schedule for actual and other)
  • Storage database for EPG information to guarantee uninterrupted service
  • Utilises several EPG information sources (DVB stream, EPG data files, internet services providing EPG information and Teleste Broadcast Manager)
  • User defined EIT output profiles generation
  • Multi-language EIT support with priority setting
  • Numerous character tables support
  • Advanced tuning of event information repetition rates
  • Output EIT stream bit rate control

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